Malaby Bradley

Practice Areas

White Collar Criminal Litigation

Individuals, businesses and institutions face all kinds of increasingly complex legal and economic challenges in today's environment.  It's no secret that corporate officers, boards and managers increasingly face criminal liability for their involvement in corporate decision-making.  In particular, matters involving antitrust, securities, and environmental issues, to name just a few, are among those where the corporate actor incurs unavoidable and ever-greater risks of personal liability.  To meet these formidable challenges, clients need experienced legal counsel with knowledge of both the industry and the law.  They need guidance and prompt counseling from attorneys with a "can-do" approach.  Above all, they need answers and solutions from experienced attorneys who get the job done.

M&B's White Collar and Special Matters Group, led by founding partner Robert C. Malaby, a former prosecutor with the King's County District Attorney's office, where he was a member of the elite homicide bureau, has extensive experience in all aspects of state and federal white collar criminal litigation, as well as civil litigation involving allegations of criminal conduct and other types of malfeasance.  This practice group represents corporate and individual clients who are either the subject of ongoing grand jury investigations or named defendants in criminal indictments.  M&B has gained national recognition in prosecuting and defending clients in federal and state investigations in the areas of corporate compliance and white collar matters, including governmental investigations ranging from administrative subpoenas through grand jury investigations, trials, post-trial matters and appeals. The firm has represented individual and corporate clients in criminal and civil proceedings involving RICO, antitrust charges, and federal securities violations. We have extensive experience in conducting sensitive internal investigations for clients regarding price-fixing, compliance reviews, bid-rigging investigations and insider trading investigations.

Emphasis on Pretrial Resolution of Cases

The primary goal of the White Collar and Special Matters Group is the early disposition of cases through effective negotiations and aggressive motion practice. The Group devotes substantial attention to investigative activity, which typically consists of intensive document reviews, employee interviews and compliance reviews leading to negotiation with governmental authorities with the aim of persuading them not to bring a formal complaint or to drop charges if a complaint is pending. By coordinating our civil and criminal litigation practice groups, M&B is able to handle matters with parallel criminal and regulatory investigations, including antitrust claims, civil or criminal RICO claims or other allegations of fraud. We have had notable success in persuading plaintiffs' counsel to dismiss our clients voluntarily. We recognize, however, that any case can go to trial and that all cases should be trial-ready.

Trial Experience

In the event trial becomes necessary, M&B attorneys have tried numerous civil and criminal cases in federal and state jurisdictions throughout the country, including New York, California, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Texas. These trials have ranged from individual white collar criminal cases to mass toxic tort consolidations. We have developed extensive contacts within the scientific and medical communities for retention of nationally renowned experts in any discipline necessary to defend these increasingly complex actions.